Event Services

Are you an event organiser? You’re in the right place! We have a range of services to assist the smooth running of your event. From managing entry systems and producing important race day documents on your behalf, to providing and constructing professional transition areas.

Administration Services
Managing entries/refunds  

The collection of racday information, special requirements and medical details is incredibly important for a successful event, but also a real hassle. We have been managing entry systems for over 7 years. We’ve learnt the ins and outs of most systems out there. Now, managing; entries, withdrawals, transfers, refunds, emails and discounts is like second nature. Get in touch to see how we can add real value to your entry process.

Producing Documents

We fully understand just how stressful it can be producing, printing and organising race day documents. They are the bread and butter of a smooth running event, but a real burden when you’re racing around trying to set up the course! With our clear and practical templates, we can build your documents for you. Whether they are start lists, lap count sheets or timing sheets. We’ve got it covered.

Equipment Hire

Bike Racking

Our uniquely designed bike racking is built with flexibility and a quick setup/pack-down in mind. The racking consists of inch thick tubing supported between sturdy A-frame legs. Each individual rack can hold 5 road bikes or 4 mountain bikes, suspended either all on one side or alternate sides. We will always supply a member of staff to build and take down the racking unless otherwise specified.

Crowd barriers

Crowd control and clear course marking is vital. We have a stock of 40 crowd barriers. Each barrier locks into the next and can only be released when one barrier is rotated at a 90degree angle.

Start/Finish Flags

“Where’s the start?” every athletes favourite question despite being one of the most important locations of the day. Battle this by hiring our 3m tall start and finish flags.


From 3m yellow buoys to the biggest in their range 9m tall fluorescent orange buoys. We are able to supply clear unbranded markers for your open water event. Mud weights and anchors can also be supplied on request.

Folding Tables

Smarten your registration desk by using our easy to transport folding tables.

10 Gallon Drinks Containers

Pouring water from a flimsy plastic bottle whilst the wind blows all the plastic cups away is every volunteers pet hate. Whether they are used at the finish line or at water stations. Our 45 litre(about 250 cups) high five water tanks smarten up your event and save time.

Fancy A Challenge?

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Enter all three triathlons in this festival weekend and we'll give you the cheapest entry free! That's an Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint Triathlon all within 48hrs. Just click 'Enter Online' and select the Triple Tri Challenge

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